I did intend on leaving the desk today and I did - for short periods of time!  I spent some time collecting information that needs to go on here, uploading a bit of it and just now did some page rearranging.
     I'm miles ahead of where I was when I first started this site with respect to how this particular website platform works - or doesn't lol.  I'm ecstatic over the recent growth of followers on Facebook.  I know there's still some 1,700 households in the Sundre area yet to connect with - baby steps!
     Between Facebook 'Likes' and 'Shares' and word of mouth in the community I'm confident the number of followers or readers will continue to climb.  People work hard for their money and it's nice when there's opportunities for them to save some of it.
     Unlike the larger frugal lifestyle, coupon type sites it's not possible for every post on this website to be 'Shared' on the Facebook Page and just wanted to let you all know that.  It's a slow cumbersome process with the speed of my internet connection just to get the website posts published without adding the secondary action of auto-posting to Facebook.
     I will most certainly post anything where time is of the essence or there's a limited number of coupons or offers available to Facebook, however the majority of new alerts will be found only on the website - for now anyways.  (As soon as I convince Telus or whomever to erect a tower in my backyard......what's life without dreams?? lol)
     Have a great evening! :) 

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