If you'll be purchasing Tostito's Salsa in the near future keep your eyes open for a $1.50 towards 2 dozen eggs.  The notice only states 'look in-store' for the offer 'when you purchase Tostito Salsa'.  So your guess is as good as mine whether it's a tear-pad coupon next to the Salsa or whether the coupon is actually on the Salsa packaging!!!

Let us all know where we should be looking if you spot it!!
     I needed milk and I had one box of Mini-Wheats on my list last night at Sobey's.  I had only intended on purchasing the one box as it was on sale and I had a $1.00 coupon - it was going into my stockpile.  
     Doing the math on the B3CerealG1FREE4L milk store promotion indicated this was a much more $avvy route to take:

Initial Plan:  OOP of $8.28 on $9.28 with savings of $1.00 or about 11%

Plan B:  3 Mini-Wheats @ $3.99 ez =$11.97 plus 1 milk @ $5.29=$17.26
            Less 2 - $1.00 coupons for Mini-Wheats & FREE milk =$9.99
            OOP of $9.99 on $17.26 with savings of $7.27 or about 42% 

     Another way to look at to see the value here is it cost $.98 per $1 value of product compared to costing $.42 per $1 value of product as by spending the extra $1.71 netted a $7.98 increase in product value.  
$2.00 off coupon for ANY Children's or Infant's Motrin products.
Go go here to get yours!  You will find it on the fourth page.

This $3.00 coupon is valid for the following products:

Echinaforce® 50 mL and 100 mL
Echinaforce® 120 tablets
Echinaforce® Extra
Echinaforce® Sore Throat Spray
Sinna nasal spray
Sinna tablets

Go here to print your coupon.

The coupon is valid on Oatmeal Crisp, Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios.

Order your coupon here.

     I've posted the details and pictures of my 10% Tuesday shopping at Sundre Sobeys.  Part 1 netted about 87% savings and Part 2 about 51%.  Click here to check them out, you may have a chuckle...or gasp in disbelief!  
Reward Programs offered by Sundre Pharmasave are now complete.  Details can be found here.
     Ignoring the bills, (ha!) I finally received:
  • my FREE EpiPen Auto-Injector Training Device from Pfizer!!  This was such a good idea as at the start of having a anaphylactic reaction is NOT the time to try and figure this out!  It came w/an educational DVD & other informative material;
  • coupon envie from save.ca;
  • coupon envie from brandsaver
.....will be coming later today.  Sobeys (save your shopping until 10% Tuesday if you can), PharmaChoice,
NoFrills, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and hopefully Shoppers Drug Mart - still not receiving their flyers and HO hasn't responded to my inquiry as to why.