Coupon Price Match-Ups Done for Wal-Mart:

List includes stock-up prices on Campbell's Condensed Soups and Oliveri Pasta Sauce!
M&M's has extended their Cream Cheesecake Special to include Sunday, February 10th!
Limit of 3 per customer.

Cream Cheesecake for only $4.99.  Offer valid for Friday, Feb. 8 and Sataturday, Feb. 9 ONLY!

Five flavors to choose from.

     I needed milk and I had one box of Mini-Wheats on my list last night at Sobey's.  I had only intended on purchasing the one box as it was on sale and I had a $1.00 coupon - it was going into my stockpile.  
     Doing the math on the B3CerealG1FREE4L milk store promotion indicated this was a much more $avvy route to take:

Initial Plan:  OOP of $8.28 on $9.28 with savings of $1.00 or about 11%

Plan B:  3 Mini-Wheats @ $3.99 ez =$11.97 plus 1 milk @ $5.29=$17.26
            Less 2 - $1.00 coupons for Mini-Wheats & FREE milk =$9.99
            OOP of $9.99 on $17.26 with savings of $7.27 or about 42% 

     Another way to look at to see the value here is it cost $.98 per $1 value of product compared to costing $.42 per $1 value of product as by spending the extra $1.71 netted a $7.98 increase in product value.  
     I've posted the details and pictures of my 10% Tuesday shopping at Sundre Sobeys.  Part 1 netted about 87% savings and Part 2 about 51%.  Click here to check them out, you may have a chuckle...or gasp in disbelief!  
.....will be coming later today.  Sobeys (save your shopping until 10% Tuesday if you can), PharmaChoice,
NoFrills, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and hopefully Shoppers Drug Mart - still not receiving their flyers and HO hasn't responded to my inquiry as to why.
There is no Pharmasave-Sundre flyer this week - January 11 - 17, 2013.