Have I mentioned I'm tired?? Ha!  Such is life when first starting out on any venture!!

     Let me think - yes, that is quite a chore right now with all the bits, bytes and links going around and around in my head round the clock!

     I've given a bit of a description of what this site is all about and why - okay, I agree - a 'bit' is understating - I'll refine, compress, condense, later. :D

  • I believe I've uncomplicated the information for new couponer's to get started;
  • Details are available of where to find coupons in Sundre & Olds;
  • Canada Coupon Policies are available for a few of the local area stores;
  • There's one, yes sadly only one Mail-In Rebate form on site;
  • Links are posted for companies that will mail  you out coupons - eye appeasement is in progress;
  • There's one link for Printable Coupons posted;
  • A few Forums are sitting there waiting for your, yes your!! input!! :D

My plan of action has been prioritized as I need to get away from the computer once and awhile;
  1. Focus on anything and everything that's even remotely connected to helping my readers stretch their dollars when shopping in and around Sundre and Olds;
  2. This will include but not be limited to:  Coupon Flyer Match-Ups; Store Specific Information in General as well as in areas relevant to coupons, sales and saving you money, Shopping Alerts, Tips & News; scheduling Coupon Coffee's to make coupon trades or simply to have cSoffee & chat!
  3. Starting with Sundre and working my way out with the exception of Coupon Flyer Match-Ups which will include NoFrills, Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Canadian Tire.
UNLESS of course you let me know what else you want right away.

      This means that areas such as Contests - unless local - is going to be quiet until such time as the foundation is more firmly set.  Freebies I will definitely strive to get out to you as well as Coupon Alerts for coupons you likely won't see when you check into the Mail Out sites.

     Seriously, I'd love to see some comments!!  Have a great evening!
2/2/2013 03:39:28 pm

Looks like a great thing going here, keep up the good work!

Miss Savvy
2/3/2013 10:17:54 am

Thank you Jess! I hope you find some of the content helpful.

Your comment is really encouraging! If there's any questions or suggestions, don't be shy. The information is going up faster every day but there's still a lot of basic stuff to get posted.

Have a great night!


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