• Children's Tylenol Liquid 100 mL $5.19-$3.00(Print) Available=$2.19;
  • Live Clean Body Wash & Hair Care $5.19-$1.00 (Tear-pad)=$4.19, Or-$2.50 (WUB2) (Tear-pad)=$1.35 ea; 
  • Arm & Hammer Deodorant $2.49-$1.00 (Print-NLA)=$1.49; 
  • Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor $9.99-$2.00 (Tear-pad)=$7.99; 
  • Speed Stick Power Deodorant $2.99-$1.00 (Print-NLA)=$1.99; 
  • Buckley's Complete Caplets/Cold&Sinus Liquid Gels 24's $6.29-$4.00 (Print) Available=$2.29; 
  • Buckley's Cough,Cold&Sinus-Caplets/Liquid Gels 24-40's $7.99-$4.00 (Print) Available=$3.99; 
  • Tylenol Infants Drops or Grape Meltaways $4.67-$3.00 (Print) Available=$1.67; 
  • Tylenol Back Pain Cplts/BdyPnNght-40's or ExSt Tablets-200 $15.29-$5.00 (Print) Available=$10.29;
        ***PLUS $5.50 MIR for ANY Tylenol Body Pain Night-$5.50 (I/S Product Pkging)=$4.79; 
  • Breathe Right Nasal Strips - 10's $6.27-$2.00 (Various-tear-pads & w/samples)=$4.27; 
  • Jamieson Vitamin D - in tablets/gels/chewable,varying strengths $3.97-$6.59-$2.00 (websaver.ca)=$1.97-$4.59; 
  • Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh $2.39-$1.00 (Print-NLA)=$1.39; 
  • Arm & Hammer Carpet Deodorizer $2.59-$1.00=$1.59; 
  • Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner $3.39-$0.50 (Insert)=$2.89; 
  • Live Clean Baby Products $5.19-$1.00 (Tear-pad)=$4.19 
     There's not a lot of coupon match-ups at Sobeys this week based on my coupon data base however it's very possible there are additional ones to what appears in this list.  
     Until this site was started I only kept track of the coupons I would use so it may take a little while for the data base to come full circle.  Please comment if you're aware of other coupons that may be helpful to page visitors!

Kraft Dinner, Limit 2, 12 x 225 g $7.99 Any $7.99
(No coupon for KD however this is a reasonable deal for in town.  Works out to $.67/box.  NoFrlls case sale price is $6.99 when offered.)
  • Kraft Miracle Whip or Real Mayo $4.29-$1.00 (890ml)  (save.ca) =$3.29
  • Tide Laundry Detergent 1.47L or 1.5-2kg $7.99-$1.00 (brandsaver) =6.99
  • Purina Cat Chow 1.6-2 kg $6.49-$2.00 (M/O fr mfg)=$4.49
  • Kraft Singles 500 g $4.99-$1.00 White Only (save.ca)   $3.99
  • Febreze Air Effects (2 mL-800mL, 2's or 275g)  [2/$5] $2.50-$0.50 (Wagjag) =$2.00
     ****Note the sizes given for Febreeze - suspect printing error in flyer - 2 mL??
  • Tide Stain Release $6.99-$1.00 (brandsaver) =$5.99
  • Kraft Philadelphia Dips 227 g $1.99-$1.00 (save.ca) =$0.99
  • Patak's Cooking Sauce 320-400 mL $4.99-$1.00 (Booklet)=$3.99 (75CSWUB2)

Stock Unconfirmed:  (Sundre Sobeys may not stock the following items.) 
  • Colgate Toothpaste 85-170 mL $2.00 (WUB2)-$1.00 =$1.00
  • Toothbrush, Singles $2.00 (WUB2)-$1.50=$0.50
     While being able to stack coupons was a nice thought it looks as though there's only 4 possible products that might actually qualify and 2 of them I'm not certain & the other 2 could be a stretch if you haven't already got the manufacturer's coupon as they are mail outs - there is the chance if you order right away they'll come in before the 7th.

  • Jamieson Vit C, 500 mg  $4.99-$2.00(webSaver)=$2.99   [JC]
  • Jamieson Vit C Chewables, 75 - 120's  $4.99-$2.00(webSaver)=$2.99;  [JC]
  • Webber Naturals PGX Daily, Bonus Packs, Asst  $19.99-$2.00 (Pharmasave Booklet)=$17.99; ??
  • Jamieson Omega-3 Comples, 200's  $9.99-$2.00(webSaver)=$7.99;  [JC]
  • Jamieson Omega-3 super Krill Softgels, 60's   $19.99-$2.00(webSaver) =$17.99;  [JC]
  • Listerine Extreme Whitening + Restoring Pre-Brush, 946 ml  $6.99 -$1.00 Print(still avail) =$5.99;
       and/or Total Care Mouthwash, 1L $6.99-$1.00 Print (still available)=$5.99;
  • Polysporin Cold Sore Patch, 15's $14.99-$5.00 Print (still available)=$9.99;
  • Aveeno Soothing Bath Treat $6.99-$0.50 (Pharmasave Booklet)=$6.49  ??;
  • Goody Hair Brushes, Asst   15% Off -$1.50 Print (still available);
  • Benylin Mucous & PhlegmLiquid, 250 mL, $10.99-$2.00 Print =$8.99;
  • KY Yours & Mine $19.99 -$1.00 (Brandsaver-still available)=$18.99;
  • Selsun Blue Medicated Shampoo,300 - 325 ml  $6.99-$2.00 Print(still available)=$4.99;
  • CoverGirl Line Exact/Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner $3.99-$2.00(Brandsaver-still available)=$1.99;
  • CoverGirl Smoothers Makeup/Powder/Ultimate Finish MakeUp $7.99-$2.00(Brandsaver (still available)=$5.99;
  • Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine/Stain Shield/Professional Effects/Advanced Seal 2 Hr Express $44.99-$8.00 Brandsaver (still available)= $36.99;
  • Crest 3D White Multi Care Whitening Rinse, 473 ml $5.99-$2.00 Brandsaver (still available)=$3.99;
  • Nice 'N Easy Hair Color Products $9.99-$1.00 (Pharmasave Booklet)-$1.00 Brandsaver  (still available)=$7.99;
  • Or 2 - Nice 'N Easy Hair Color Products @ $9.99 ea=$19.98-$1.00(Pharmasave Booklet)-$3.00 WUB2 Brandsaver (still available)=$15.98;

[JC]  Appears behind Jamieson products which count towards your Jamieson Card. See bottom of this post for a picture of it.

??  Flyer descriptions of the products these appear behind were not sufficient enough to say with certainty that the store booklet coupon does in fact apply.

These products & prices appear in the Coupon Booklet w/o coupons - assuming the prices are sale prices however I'm not able to say for certain;
  • Crest Complete Toothpaste, 100-130 ml $2.49-$0.50 Brandsaver (still available)=$1.99;
  • Fixodent, Creams or Powders $4.99-$2.00 Brandsaver (still available)=$2.99;
  • Crest Glide Floss $2.99-$0.50 Brandsaver (still available)=$2.49
  • Scope, 740 ml - 1L $3.99-$0.75 Brandsaver (still available)=$3.24

Pharmasave B10G1 Free Card:

The following Pharmasave Brand Products are shown in the coupon booklet with prices only.  The prices are great ones for counting towards your Pharmasave B10G1 FREE card.  (Just ask for one at the cash register if you don't already have one.)

  • Facial Tissue Pocket Packs - 8's $1.99
  • Flosser Picks - 100's $2.29
  • Moisturizing Foam Bath - 1 L $2.99
     With shelf prices unknown for the Pharmasave Brand Products which do have coupons from the booklet, there's no way of knowing the OPP price.
     It might be worthwhile to check some of them (the $.50 store coupons for Bandages Plastic or Fabric - 100's caught my eye) to see if any of them are close to the $1.99 min. purchase required to qualify towards the B10G1 FREE card.

Jamieson B10G1 FREE Card: