Sobeys - Sundre

*Items in red are stock up prices - they may not necessarily have a coupon match.


Compliments Large Eggs $2.00/doz (Limit 2) - $1.00 WUB2 (websaver) = $1.00/doz!!

Compliments Sliced Side Bacon (Reg/Maple/34% Less Salt), 500g @ $2.99 ea

Coca-Cola or Pepsi, 1 L (Limit 15) @ 2/$1.00;

French's Yellow Mustard, Squeeze 400ml@ $2.00 ea - $.50 (coupon booklet) = $1.50;

Astro Yogourt,650g-750g @ $2.49 ea - $1.00 (tear pad) = $1.99;

International Delight,400ml-473ml @ $2.00 ea - $.75* = $1.25 *Choc Mint Truffle flavor (magazine);

There is a $2.00 coupon (store booklet) WUB any 3 Saputo Family Products:
  • International Delight;
  • Armstrong Cheese;
  • Heluva Good!;
  • Dairyland sour cream & cottage cheese products.

Three of these products appear in this flyer @ $2.00 ea:
  • International Delight, 400ml-473ml;
  • Heluva Good Dip!, 250ml;
  • Dairyland Sour Cream, 500ml
Applying the coupon to any mix & match of 3 works out to $1.33 ea!

Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers, 283g-306g> $3.49 ea WUB5 = $17.45 - $3.49 B1G1(websaver) works out to $2.90 ea + 125 Club Sobeys BP WUB5> max. redeemed value of $.10;

Royale Bathroom Tissue,12r or 6 pk Facial Tissue> $7.99 - $1.00 or $2.00 (GoCoupons);

Air Wick Candle,150g/Singles @ $5.99 ea x 3 = $17.97 - $5.00 MIR WUB3 Any or $4.32 ea;

Kellogg's Family Size Cereal or Jumbo, 500g-1.35kg @ $4.99 - $1.00* (various Websaver) = $3.99  *cpns are for Mini-Wheats & the flyer is not clear on which cereals are incl.;

Pampers Diapers, Size 1-6, 34's-84's @ $11.99 - Various Websaver $2.00 or $5.00WUB2 or FREE Wipes (18-20ct) WUB1 *Ck cpns carefully w/sale items

My Disclaimers!! (and there's a few of them!)

  • Any formatting errors are completely mine, first 'larger' flyer match up I've done.  There's a few different options open for me to post these so am going to have see how they appear in 'print'!

  • It is quite possible I've missed some coupons as up until now I've not ordered or paid that much attention to those that were for products I wouldn't use - my kids haven't been babies for some time!!  This type of situation is being remedied as I type.

  • Despite becoming much, much more aware of the difference between a good price and a great, STOCK-UP price, I know I don't recognize ALL of them.  (Work in progress!!)  Feel free to alert me to any that I miss please!

  • I am wanting to be able to also post a complete listing of all Club Sobeys Bonus Point offers at the same time I do the coupon flyer match ups.  Hopefully next week!!

Okay, here goes - wish me luck!  (May have to delete this post yet and try the other options.  I apologize in advance for any double, triple...postings and thank you for your patience and understanding.) 


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