Many great deals at NoFrills this week including a few products at stock-up prices!!  

Their sale price of $.97 on 2 L Pepsi is the best value per $/spent for the Spend $20-Score $20 in coupons I've seen to date.  Official Mail-In Form can be found here.

* Stock Up Prices &/or FREE - RED
* Goods Deals - Purple

Coca-Cola/Pepsi soft drinks 2L $0.97 $0.97 
English Cucumers $0.97 $0.97
Jergens 620 ml:  $4.97-$1.50 (unknown cpn source)=$3.47 
Smucker's Jams/Marmalade 310-500 ml:  $2.97-$1.00 (Inside ZipLock packaging-NLA)=$1.97 
Royale Bathroom Tissue, 2/3 ply-8 r:  $4.44-$1.00 (GoCoupons)=$3.44 
Healthy Choice Steamers 283-306 g:  $2.97-$2.97 (B1G1 webSaver)=FREE!! or $1.49 ea!!
VH Sauces 341-455 ml:  $2.27-$0.75 (Cpn Booklet-NLA)=$1.52 
Kraft Dinner Smart:   $0.97-$0.75 ($0.22!! 
Kraft Miracle Whip 650/890 ml:  $3.47-$1.00 ($2.47 
Orvlle Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl/Ready to Eat:   $2.97-$1.00 (Booklet, NLA)=$1.97 or

Orvlle Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl:   $2.97-$1.00 (Booklet, NLA) =$1.97 
Orville Redenbacher's Ready To Eat:   $2.97-$1.50 (Booklet, NLA)=$1.47 ea

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