Great deal for anyone looking to stock up on some batteries!  Regular Retail is $44.99

Cornerstone Olds - The Source has InfiniCell Alkaline Battery Combo 60 Packs reduced to $19.99 until February 27, 2013.  The Combo Packs include:
  • 20 AA & 40 AAA Alkaline Batteries
Studio 104 in Sundre has set up a $5.00 CLEARANCE table.  If you're in the market for hair care products, this might be for you!  
On a 10%/5% Tuesday at Sobeys, today's $avvy $hopper example:
  • is a card carrying member of Club Sobeys Rewards Program;
      (Necessary to receive both the 10% and 5% Tuesday discounts.)
  • has accumulated enough points to make a $30.00 redemption;
        (3,750 points)
  • has prepared his/her shopping list, matching available coupons to current flyer sales;
  • has calculated his/her total purchase, prior to coupon discounts and excluding all applicable deposits, environmental fees and taxes to be exactly $50.00; 
        (This IS only an example remember! lol)
        (Both the 10% and the 5% discount figures are arrived at by using the transaction total BEFORE coupon discounts and 
        EXCLUDING bottle deposits, environmental handling fees [EHC] and applicable taxes [G.S.T.])
  • has computed his/her coupon discount savings to be 30% of that $50.00;
        (30% is generally considered a common savings average - this is assuming today's $avvy $hopper has built up his/her
        coupon inventory & flyer products are a regular stocked product.)
  •  sat back and looked at the picture!!
Transaction Total -
30% Coupon Savings -
       1st Sub-Total: 
10% Discount on $50 -
       2nd Sub-Total:
5% Discount on $50 -
       3rd Sub-Total:
Redeem 3,750 CS Pnts -
        Final OOP Total:
-($ 5.50)
-($ 2.75)
  $  .25!!

     I ran out of time to fine tune this down to absolutely FREE!!'Like' and 'Share' if you love saving money! :)
     I was doodling away attempting to prepare an example of a super saving AND $avvy shopping trip, combining coupons AND a Club Sobeys Rewards Redemption WITH a Sobeys 10%/5/% Tuesday shop.  I'm amazed at what developed!! 

How does $55.00 worth of groceries for $.25 sound to you??? Take a look at it here!!

'Like' and 'Share' if you love saving money! :)
Print a copy of Home Hardware's Exclusive Offer Coupon for February for Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags for $.49.

Print your coupon here.

Limit of 3 per customer.
Offer Expires February 9, 2013. 

Shoppers Drug Mart is having a 20X The Optimum Points Day this Saturday, February 2, 2013 when you spend $50.

20X Points Shopping Days are one of the fastest ways to build up your points. 

Canadian retailers are committed to accurate scanner pricing. Incorrect prices can result in poor
customer relations and legal sanctions. Consequently many retailers are now implementing a variety of procedures that were developed to help achieve and maintain accurate scanner pricing
Dissappointing & Sad News for Customers of the Sundre Pharmasave:
     The owner of the Sundre Pharmasave store chose not to participate in The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code according to a representative for the store.

     I was told that:  'If we were giving things away free that would just not be good.  We're too small to offer that.  We take our customer service and satisfaction VERY seriously.' Unfortunately for their customers, not seriously enough to support their statement by practicing the Code.

     I was assured that if there ever was an instance where a customer is charged a higher price than that advertised and/or on the shelf due to a higher scan price, the store would definitely provide the item at the lower correct advertised price.  But not for free.  

     The consumer is thus put in the position of monitoring whether or not data entry has been carried out correctly with respect to product pricing, with no real consequential incentive for management to ensure accuracy.

     As taken from the Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code, endorsed by the Competition Bureau, it states in part:  (The entire Code can be viewed here.) 
The purpose of the Code is to:
1. Visibly demonstrate retailer commitment to scanner price accuracy;

2. Provide retailers with a consistent national framework for dealing with scanner price
accuracy issues; and
3. Provide the retail industry with a mechanism for consumer redress in scanner price
accuracy cases, to be managed by the industry through an industry committee.
    It was explained to me that because they were independently owned, the decision whether to participate in the Code was not made by Head Office - which is where I called first to inquire - but by the store owner.

     This is unsettling news from a consumer's point of view.  

     At the present time there are 6 - CACDS (Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores) Companies - including Pharmasave's in B.C. & Saskatchewan, 18 RCC (Retail Council of Canada) Companies, 5 CFIG (Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers) Companies and 1,374 independent locations supporting the Code as per the Retail Council of Canada website.

     A list of those supporting companies can be viewed or downloaded here.

Congratulations if you did because you now have the unique opportunity to COUPON STACK in Sundre!!  This opportunity rarely presents itself here.

Sundre Pharmasave has confirmed there will be a flyer for the upcoming week of February 1 - 7, 2013 where you will be able to combine a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon from Pharmasave's Coupon Booklet to increase your savings even more.

Now whether any of the sale items in the flyer actually have a matching store coupon remains to be seen.  I will post the Coupon Match-Ups as soon as I have the information.

Received lots of goodies!

4 envies;
$1 coupon from MacAnglo - NED!
FPC from Kellogg's - NED on it either!
1 envi from GoCoupons....

Now to get them in my binder!

Shop at Sobeys today (last day of quoted flyer prices) and receive $20 through Pepsi's Buy $20 & Score $20 MIR promotion.  Click here for details.