On a 10%/5% Tuesday at Sobeys, today's $avvy $hopper example:
  • is a card carrying member of Club Sobeys Rewards Program;
      (Necessary to receive both the 10% and 5% Tuesday discounts.)
  • has accumulated enough points to make a $30.00 redemption;
        (3,750 points)
  • has prepared his/her shopping list, matching available coupons to current flyer sales;
  • has calculated his/her total purchase, prior to coupon discounts and excluding all applicable deposits, environmental fees and taxes to be exactly $50.00; 
        (This IS only an example remember! lol)
        (Both the 10% and the 5% discount figures are arrived at by using the transaction total BEFORE coupon discounts and 
        EXCLUDING bottle deposits, environmental handling fees [EHC] and applicable taxes [G.S.T.])
  • has computed his/her coupon discount savings to be 30% of that $50.00;
        (30% is generally considered a common savings average - this is assuming today's $avvy $hopper has built up his/her
        coupon inventory & flyer products are a regular stocked product.)
  •  sat back and looked at the picture!!
Transaction Total -
30% Coupon Savings -
       1st Sub-Total: 
10% Discount on $50 -
       2nd Sub-Total:
5% Discount on $50 -
       3rd Sub-Total:
Redeem 3,750 CS Pnts -
        Final OOP Total:
-($ 5.50)
-($ 2.75)
  $  .25!!

     I ran out of time to fine tune this down to absolutely FREE!!'Like' and 'Share' if you love saving money! :)
Received lots of goodies!

4 save.ca envies;
$1 coupon from MacAnglo - NED!
FPC from Kellogg's - NED on it either!
1 envi from GoCoupons....

Now to get them in my binder!

Shop at Sobeys today (last day of quoted flyer prices) and receive $20 through Pepsi's Buy $20 & Score $20 MIR promotion.  Click here for details. 
Before heading home after your 10% Tuesday shopping, why not stop in and reward yourself for your Savvy coupon savings on such a chilly day!

If you mention FB you'll receive 2 stamps for one transaction!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Check your inbox for your 'exclusive' invitation to download and print. This offer is for the one day only, earnable when your purchases total $50 (all the regular exclusions apply).  Points will be awarded January 30, 2013.
By taking advantage of both Bonus Optimum Point Events this week, you will earn a minimum of 118,500 points!!  

That's $170.00 of free product on a regular Redemption Day!!
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