On a 10%/5% Tuesday at Sobeys, today's $avvy $hopper example:
  • is a card carrying member of Club Sobeys Rewards Program;
      (Necessary to receive both the 10% and 5% Tuesday discounts.)
  • has accumulated enough points to make a $30.00 redemption;
        (3,750 points)
  • has prepared his/her shopping list, matching available coupons to current flyer sales;
  • has calculated his/her total purchase, prior to coupon discounts and excluding all applicable deposits, environmental fees and taxes to be exactly $50.00; 
        (This IS only an example remember! lol)
        (Both the 10% and the 5% discount figures are arrived at by using the transaction total BEFORE coupon discounts and 
        EXCLUDING bottle deposits, environmental handling fees [EHC] and applicable taxes [G.S.T.])
  • has computed his/her coupon discount savings to be 30% of that $50.00;
        (30% is generally considered a common savings average - this is assuming today's $avvy $hopper has built up his/her
        coupon inventory & flyer products are a regular stocked product.)
  •  sat back and looked at the picture!!
Transaction Total -
30% Coupon Savings -
       1st Sub-Total: 
10% Discount on $50 -
       2nd Sub-Total:
5% Discount on $50 -
       3rd Sub-Total:
Redeem 3,750 CS Pnts -
        Final OOP Total:
-($ 5.50)
-($ 2.75)
  $  .25!!

     I ran out of time to fine tune this down to absolutely FREE!!'Like' and 'Share' if you love saving money! :)
     I was doodling away attempting to prepare an example of a super saving AND $avvy shopping trip, combining coupons AND a Club Sobeys Rewards Redemption WITH a Sobeys 10%/5/% Tuesday shop.  I'm amazed at what developed!! 

How does $55.00 worth of groceries for $.25 sound to you??? Take a look at it here!!

'Like' and 'Share' if you love saving money! :)
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     Before learning about the benefits of shopping sales with coupons you're shopping lists we're probably a lot like mine - long!! For so many years the mindset was to go grocery shopping once a week, usually Saturdays in my family.
     This practice did not work particularly well for me when I first started using coupons and following price match-ups to make my list.
     The first Savvy Shopper Challenge I encountered was that not everything on my list which I had taken from the local flyer  was a stocked item.  It was difficult to hang onto list, coupons, pen, calculator and attempt to make the necessary manual mathematical corrections because my goal of course was to know my exact total prior to going through the till - especially with numerous items in my cart.

     Oh....and I'd be trying to hide behind some display so no one could see my confusion!!

     This scenario rarely happens now.  My shopping lists are much shorter and are usually restricted to only those items which are on sale and that I have coupons for, making control over my shopping a dream. 

     You can start looking forward to shorter shopping lists too!  In fact I recommend it even if you have to stop in a couple of times when you first start couponing.  This way is far easier to manage and control and you wont get overwhelmed if several items you have on your list are either not stocked or out of stock.

     Having a well supplied stockpile to eat from is not instantaneous and will take a little while to build up.  As it builds the 'need' for long complicated shopping lists disappears!  
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