Okay, so this MAY seem a little extreme, however those who live in the country can relate to making your trips to town count - which is what I did here.

     Remember that box of Hamburger Helper in Shopping Trip - Part 1?  You may have noticed it had a coupon on the packaging for $3.00 off hamburger WUB your next Hamburger Helper.

     Yup, I did what you're thinking! :D  I always have a baggie or two on me if not in the vehicle (habit from days when the kids were smaller I think.)  So we proceeded to take my first shopping items out to the vehicle where I promptly took out my handy-dandy little scissors - tip: it is a good idea to keep a small set in with your coupons as you never know when they might come in handy! - cut out the $3 coupon from the Hamburger Helper packaging & poured the noodles in a baggie.

     Returning to the cashier I had just left who was holding another box of Hamburger Helper and a package of lean ground beef for me, completed my grocery shopping for the evening!

Total Retail Price:  $7.85, Total Sale Price:  $6.85,
OOP:  $3.85,  Total Savings:  $ 4.00 or about 51%!

I could have done a little better by choosing a Tuna Helper with a coupon on the packaging for a free can of tuna with my next purchase of Tuna Helper however I wanted to try this particular Hamburger Helper and I make my own tuna casserole.

     I proceeded on to have a nice dinner out in the company of a lovely young lady, spending some of the monies I saved grocery shopping.  (This last paragraph is not endorsing spending money eating out simply because one had a good shopping trip as that rather defeats the purpose!)    

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