Been busy, busy, busy...writing, formatting, matching coupons, making lists, fine tuning some website settings, making phone calls, gathering Savvy type information to write up and pass on....will try not to post them all in one splurge! ;)
MAIL OUT COUPON alert!!  Visit Carnation Breakfast Essentials Facebook page to order your $2.00 coupon through save.ca!! 

Sorry folks....trial & error! 
After the December 31st coupon purge, I was very happy to receive a great supply of coupons from save.ca and websaver.ca!!  Need to work on building up my coupon supply again. 

There is no Pharmasave-Sundre flyer this week - January 11 - 17, 2013.
This webpage is coming together.  Click here to check out the new forums!
That saying from long ago certainly applies this week!  After reminding everyone to be ready for 10% Tuesday's at Sobey's...guess who never made it in??  No comment on whether it was a case of too much to do and not enough time to do it in or whether my organizational skills slacked off.

This did result in a good thing though as I was attempting to put together my list last night around 8 pm thinking unrealistically I could make it to town & get this all accomplished by 9:00 with a coupon binder that has for the most part been ignored over the holiday season.....I stayed at it, purging all of Dec. 31/12 expiry date ones and yes I'm embarrassed as to how many I allowed to lapse, cut, clipped, folded & tore all the current coupons from that pile that was over there >>>>>  and got them all added to my binder.

Binder is up to date, Sobey's, Pharmasave and Home Hardware's lists are now all prepared complete with coupons for tomorrow.

Just in time for next week's flyers!!
Visit Sobeys website here http://www.sobeys.com/en/home.aspx ,choose your store location & you can view their current flyer in two formats:  The actual flyer layout @ http://www.sobeys.com/cmspages/sobeys/nformat.aspx?t=flyer&SID=5018
and for those with limited internet connect their accessible flyer which is text only @ http://www.sobeys.com/cmspages/sobeys/nformat.aspx?t=textflyer&SID=5018. The option to 'Add to your Shopping List' is not available on the accessible flyer.
Travelling to Red Deer in the near future?  Check your email for new printable coupons from Red Lobster good until February 10, 2013
* $4 off any 2 adult dinner dishes
* $2 off any 2 adult lunch dishes

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