Ignoring the bills, (ha!) I finally received:
  • my FREE EpiPen Auto-Injector Training Device from Pfizer!!  This was such a good idea as at the start of having a anaphylactic reaction is NOT the time to try and figure this out!  It came w/an educational DVD & other informative material;
  • coupon envie from save.ca;
  • coupon envie from brandsaver
.....will be coming later today.  Sobeys (save your shopping until 10% Tuesday if you can), PharmaChoice,
NoFrills, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and hopefully Shoppers Drug Mart - still not receiving their flyers and HO hasn't responded to my inquiry as to why.
MAIL OUT COUPON alert!!  Visit Carnation Breakfast Essentials Facebook page to order your $2.00 coupon through save.ca!! 

Sorry folks....trial & error! 
After the December 31st coupon purge, I was very happy to receive a great supply of coupons from save.ca and websaver.ca!!  Need to work on building up my coupon supply again.